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FRICTION SWEEPERS INTERNATIONAL, whose founding pair have over 40 years of experience in designing and building Friction Sweepers. The Friction mat is named the Commander and has evolved further under the direction of the owner and has unique features that make it the best solution to FOD on the market. Our companies are always searching for the most cost effective, quality products to better support our customers and we feel this product has raised the bar for performance, quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Let us help you keep your Airfield clean and safe as we have done for many years.

  • User-friendly, effective, and affordable

  • Designed with Dome Mesh to collect greater amount of debris

  • Easy to remove and replace the mesh if needed

  • 12mm heavy-duty, double-backed carpet

  • Toggles on the outside scoops to allow the mesh to fit the first time and every time

  • Industrial strength Velcro helps to guarantee it will stick 100% every time

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